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Empowering Students and Building Futures: Plumbing Program at Barren County High School

Partnering with Green Mechanical, a group of high school students are part of a pioneering plumbing program, the first of its kind in Barren County and only the third in the entire state of Kentucky.

The journey began with a simple idea - to provide vocational training in plumbing for high school students. Green Mechanical, recognizing the need and potential, generously offered their facilities for classes during the day, setting the stage for a remarkable collaboration. With their support, the program quickly gained traction, growing from just seven students to a thriving class of 14, with more showing interest every year.

But this program is not just about learning plumbing skills; it's about preparing students for meaningful careers. By participating in the program, students earn one year of apprenticeship credit, exempting them from fieldwork for a year and allowing them to pursue their Journeyman's license classes early.

Recently, the students embarked on a project that not only showcased their skills but also demonstrated their commitment to their community. When the county presented them with a task, they eagerly accepted the challenge. Their mission? To revamp the plumbing system at the Barren County -Glasgow Emergency Management Building.

With determination and teamwork, these students tackled every aspect of the project. From locating and excavating the existing piping to installing new systems, they were hands-on at every step. Armed with tools and guided by their instructor Jeff McGuire, they tore out old piping, cleared concrete floors, and meticulously installed new lines, all while learning the intricacies of plumbing firsthand.

Through programs like these, students are not just learning; they are actively contributing to their communities and shaping their futures. The partnership between our local high schools and Green Mechanical exemplifies the power of collaboration in education and workforce development. Together, they are nurturing talent, building infrastructure, and inspiring the next generation of skilled professionals.

As the plumbing program at Barren County High School continues to grow and evolve, it serves as a beacon of hope for students seeking alternative paths to success. By investing in vocational education and providing hands-on opportunities, we are empowering students to build brighter futures, one pipe at a time.

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